About Us

OUR MISSION: To raise awareness of, funds for, and to assist refugee aid works in the UK, France and beyond.



We work to raise goods, funds and awareness on behalf of projects we know and trust: projects that work hard to aid refugee women, men and children fleeing war, persecution, climate change and other man-made disasters. We also work to mobilise schools and communities of all backgrounds to help us in our works.

To learn more about the projects we support, please SEE HERE.



Our Round Table 
Onjali Q. Raúf, Founder & Director

Onjali first began her volunteer works in the refugee camps of Calais and Dunkirk in 2015.  In 2018, inspired by a refugee baby named Raehan, her first children’s book, The Boy at the Back of the Class, was published.
Loves: Travelling, the sea, and the staggering kindness of people.
Quote: “It’s truly amazing seeing what can happen from a single idea or a single action. Never underestimate the power of one…plus one.”


Caroline Cottet, Director of French Operations

Caroline is a former academic researcher who, in 2015, left office works to become an activist on the ground. She co-founded both the Refugee Women’s Centre and Maison Sesame, and is based in Dunkirk.
Loves: Candle-lit rooms, food markets and board games!
Quote: “Each of us has the capacity to take action because intrinsically, we all want to contribute to something bigger. Getting up and making a change isn’t super altruistic or rare: it’s answering a call coming from your gut, and asking you to fulfil your mission..”


Sulaiman Choudhury, Trustee

With 15 years of experience working for a leading Global Technology and Management Consulting company, Sulaiman is a specialist in due diligence, business change and technology automation & deployment.
Loves: Travelling, reading science-fiction, his family and his bicycle!
Quote: “I was brought up to believe that the true measure of value of any talent you have, is in how you best use it to benefit others.”


Yasmin Ishaq, Trustee & Regional Director – N.England

Lecturer, physician, and Chair of the Rotherham Ethnic Minority Alliance (REMA) which in 2019, won the Queen’s Award for its services, Yasmin Ishaq has been a part of O’s team since our very first convoy in 2015.
Loves: All things Brontë, Tolkien, and hitting the road with her children.
Quote: “Strength of character lies in turning our own difficult roads into beautiful paths for others to gently tread upon.”


Jude Habib, Trustee

As Founder and Creative Director of SoundDelivery, Jude has a passion for building platforms that highlight under-reported issues. A BBC trained reporter and producer, she has trained thousands in digital storytelling.
Loves: Acting as a Nightstop host for those experiencing homelessness.
Quote: “I am angry about the ongoing refugee crisis, but I realise we can all help by keeping the stories of refugees in the spotlight.”


Farrah Serroukh, Trustee

An award-winning Learning Programme Leader at the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE) and a former Legal Advisor in Asylum and Human Rights, Farrah is dedicated to aiding marginalised communities.
Loves: Advocating for every child’s right to access high quality literature.
Quote: “We cannot quell the root of the suffering, but we can diminish the pain by meeting such strength with love, compassion and humanity.”