Mar 24th 2021 | News

Thanks to your beautiful support, Caroline Cottet has become our first ever official Field Coordinator for Northern France, helping us to be on the ground, even when we can’t be…

Caroline has been a light to us from the very beginning, as founder of the RWC and so much more…

This past year, the global pandemic has halted all members of the O’s Refugee Aid Team (ORAT) from travelling out to the refugee camps in northern France. The effort to shield loved ones, and safeguard any volunteers wishing to travel out with us, has of course meant a ceasing of our regular ways of working inclusive of those quick trips across the Channel, and a major rethinking of what more we can do.

The singular question growing in our hearts and minds for the longest time has been: how can we possibly go on practically assisting our teams on the ground, if we’re not actually there?

Sending funds and supplies is great, but with such a huge drop in volunteer numbers in the camps, how could we forge a physical presence on the ground without being there ourselves?

The answer: the one and only Caroline Cottet!

It is thanks to Caroline that ORAT in its very first few years, found ways to support and strengthen new projects like Maison Sesame.

Those of you who already know our teams and works, will know that Caroline Cottet is the founder of the Refugee Women’s Centre, our core link in all our works with Maison Sesame, and a woman who has been a much beloved guide, adviser and greeter to all our teams and volunteers over the past six years.

Which is why it gives us incredible pleasure, to have her become an official representative and member of ORAT, gifting us a chance to use her expertise and unending energy to strengthen and expand our works with our partnering teams across northern France.

Thanks to all donors and our beautiful readers of The Boy at the Back of the Class, Caroline will be working with us two days a week, to act as our hands, hearts and voice.

And we could not be more excited, nor more grateful to have her on board.

So welcome Caroline (and Kishmish!) – and here we go!

Enjoy 12 Moments with Caroline HERE
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