Mobile Refugee Support (MRS)

Ensuring every refugee receives the aid they need.


The team, September 2019

WHO: MRS was founded in 2017 by Charlie Chappers and Jed Tinsley with an aim to tailored offer support to meet the needs of displaced peoples living across northern France. Providing everything from basic survival items and foods to power generators and WiFi tools (hand-built using recycled goods), the team provide a truly unique, life-sustaining service to the refugees they encounter.

WHERE: Based in Calais but targeting locations neglected by governments and larger charities, the team work closely with other grassroots organisations to ensure they can reach as many people as possible throughout the week.

HISTORY WITH US: In 2018, hearing about the unique works of MRS, O’s Refugee Aid Team began to expand their donation capacities to assist them in their works.

Charlie and Jed, MRS co-founders, feature in Hope on the Horizon, with a portion of royalties from the book being used to aid this amazing organisation.

WHAT THEY NEED: MRS consistently need tents, sleeping bags, tarpaulin, funds for food stocks, mobile / smartphones, charging cables, batteries and emergency supplies. For their most recent goods call-outs, please SEE HERE.

WHAT WE PROVIDE: As of 2020, ORAT has shared all costs for MRS’ first ever own independent warehouse. We also try to provide whatever goods we have capacity to raise as needed by the team, and funds for depleting food stocks and emergency supplies (e.g. tarpaulin, tents, waterproof shoes, underwear, mobile phone banks etc.)

Our latest Ramadan Aid for A Year Appeal seeks to raise crucial funds to help MRS go on distributing tents and sleeping bags in the coming months.

DID YOU KNOW?  In 2022, our founder, Onjali Rauf, wrote a non-fiction book called Hope On the Horizon, in which she celebrates Charlie and Jed (and super-dog Fozie!) as three of her most loved, real-life superheroes!

A portion of the royalties from this book now goes towards paying for the rental costs of the shared warehouse.

PLEASE NOTE: As part of our policy and out of respect for those receiving our gifts, we do NOT deliver second-hand or damaged goods.

All goods donated to us for the MRS must be brand new, except for mobile / smartphones (these need not be new, but must be in a usable condition).


Donate to the MRS Team directly HERE.

Donate to our Ramadan Shelter Pack Appeal HERE.

Donate goods or funds to us for the MRS Team as part of our next upcoming convoy.