Refugee Biryani & Bananas

Serving refugees in dire need across Greece and Bosnia Herzegovina.


Ruhi and her team, Greece

WHO: Refugee Biriyani & Bananas (RB&B) was formed in 2015 when a group of friends led by Ruhi Loren, decided to provide 2,500 portions of biriyani and bananas for all the residents of the unofficial refugee camps of Dunkirk, France. The dish – and the name – was forged following requests by refugees for ‘home style’ cooked meals and fresh fruits.

Now mobilising hundreds of volunteers from all over the UK and Europe, RB&B ships aid containers and provides direct emergency aid for vulnerable people living in refugee camps, squats and other unstable settlements throughout the world, whilst also providing organise morale boosting activities and day trips wherever possible.

WHERE: RB&B provides aid to refugees across Greece and Bosnia Herzegovina.

Wheelchairs and essential aid

HISTORY WITH US: In 2017, Ruhi Loren attended the same refugee volunteers’ retreat in which Onjali Raúf met Caroline Cottet (co-founder of the Refugee Women’s Centre). Following this meeting and since 2018, O’s Refugee Aid Team has donated funds to RB&B’s works whenever resources have permitted this extension.

WHAT THEY NEED: RB&B consistently need bulk supplies of tents, sleeping bags, tarpaulin, food stock (lentils, rice, grains) and emergency medical supplies. For their most recent goods call-outs, please SEE HERE.

WHAT WE PROVIDE: Whatever funds we have capacity to raise  for the team.


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