Refugee Women’s Centre (RWC)

On the front-line, aiding displaced women, children & families.


The RWC team in summer, 2018

WHO: The RWC is made up of 6-8 long-term (majority female) volunteers passionate about meeting the specific and unique needs of displaced women, children, and families seeking help and refuge.

WHERE: The team work 24/7, six days a week, across three key areas across northern France, often liaising with other volunteer groups across the region to ensure access and outreach is as wide and as effective as it can be.

HISTORY WITH US: In 2017, Onjali was fortunate enough to meet Caroline Cottet, one of the co-founders of the RWC in England at a Quakers retreat for volunteers. Unknown to both of them at the time, the brief meeting would lead to a new partnering of works, with O’s Refugee Aid Team being an honoured donor and supporter of the RWC’s works whenever possible.

Baby M, being cared for by the RWC, 2019

WHAT THEY NEED: The RWC consistently need tents, sleeping bags, tarpaulin, blankets, torches, shoes and clothes (leggings, warm wear, waterproof shoes for women and children), nappies, wet wipes, and emergency medical and food supplies. For their most recent goods call-outs, please SEE HERE.

WHAT WE PROVIDE: Whatever goods we can as needed, and funds for use in urgent cases (i.e. for pregnant women; particularly sick children and women; translation needs and legal cases).

PLEASE NOTE: As part of our policy and out of respect for those receiving our gifts, we do NOT deliver second-hand or damaged goods. All goods donated to us for the RWC must be brand new.

Contact / donate to the RWC team directly HERE.

Donate goods or funds to us HERE so that we can deliver your gifts to the RWC as part of an Upcoming Aid Convoy.