Wishlist For 2024

Our 4 Wishes for 2024…
Can you help us make them come true?

This year, we want to expand our works and deliver greater gifts of aid more securely, more efficiently, and more speedily.
So whether you’re purchasing an item from our online shopping lists, donating towards a mobile book van or hot foods, or want to get in touch about our works, THANK YOU for helping make our #4WishesFor2024 a reality…

Wish No.1: Urgent Supplies

THE PROBLEM: Every week, the French police perform a ‘clearance’ of refugee camps. This means the destruction of tents, sleeping bags, and anything else refugees use to survive.

OUR SOLUTION: To supply response teams with goods they can distribute immediately.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: By purchasing crucial items from our online wishlist. PLEASE REMEMBER to select the address for O’s Refugee Aid Team at checkout.

>> See our Amazon Needs List

Wish No.2: A Book Van

THE PROBLEM: One of the biggest asks from refugee children especially, is for books in a variety of languages. But with camp conditions being rough, wet, and unstable, carrying books and keeping them clean is difficult.

OUR SOLUTION: Our very own book van, filled with beautiful books in the required languages, for refugees of all ages to enjoy.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: By helping us raise the funds we need to buy and mobilise one.

>> Donate For A Book Van

Wish No.3: Fresh Food Supplies

THE PROBLEM: Every week, Salam Kitchens preps and distributes hot meals to hundreds of refugees, using donated foods from local supermarkets. But donations come in small batches and are often near their use-by date.

OUR SOLUTION: To supply needed and fresh goods in bulk.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: By donating £3 towards the cost of a hot meal.

>> Donate £3 for A Hot Meal

Wish No.4: Hot Food Vans

THE PROBLEM: Whilst refugees are deeply grateful for the foods they receive, they must eat whatever is given to them. Children especially, find it difficult to eat foods they are not familiar with / do not like.

OUR SOLUTION: To hire food vans to give refugees a hot dish of their choosing.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: Help us raise the funds for the weekly hire of a food van – or two!

>> Donate Hire Costs for Food Vans

If you would like to volunteer with us or any of our frontline partners, or discuss ways to make our #4WishesFor2024 come true, please CONTACT US HERE.